Middle Mesial Canal in Mandibular First Molars: A Micro-CT Study

Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the presence and the incidence of a third canal in the mesial root of permanent mandibular first molars by using microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) and to describe the morphology of mandibular first molar’s root canal anatomy.
Methods: A total of 100 extracted mandibular first molars were randomly collected. Teeth were scanned by using micro-CT device (SkyScan 1074, Aartselaar, Belgium). These images were reconstructed three-dimensionally by using software NRecon (SkyScan 1074, Kontich, Belgium). After constructing, three-dimensional images exhibiting the shape of the roots were analyzed by using 3D-Doctor software programme (v.3.5 Able Software Corp, Lexington,MA). Thereafter, the number of the middle mesial canals, were evaluated.
Results: The results of this study indicate that a middle mesial canal present in 12% of mandibular first molars. Among these middle mesial canals two were independent canals, ten were confluent canals.
Conclusion: Micro-CT is a promising research tool for three dimensional evaluation of tooth morphology and provides detailed information on the configuration of root canals. In this study, 12% of mandibular first molars had a middle mesial canal which is significantly important from a clinical point of view. The possibility of additional canal in the mesial root should be anticipated in mandibular first molars.

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