Endodontics: Current Trends, New Horizons…

The utilization of new technological advances and materials in clinical endodontics is heading on a new era “ahead of the curve”. The outline of endodontic practice and clinical concepts are changing rapidly. The use of calcium hydroxide as an intra-canal by almost 80% of the general practitioners and endodontists for necrotic pulps and even for the routine dressings has replaced the old classics and increased the success rate with the introduction of efficient rotary engines, systems and various rotary tips, manual preparation has became less used and is the preferred technique in the endodontic offices. Routine use rubber-dam use in the world and saliva isolation techniques has contributed to aseptic conditions very much. Newer anesthetic techniques like Gow-Gates, Akinosi, intra pulpal techniques and devices the pain management in endodontics has improved. Electronic apex locators, introduction of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), IRM, the use of very sophisticated adhesives for restorations and glass-ionomers for coronal sealing based on the studies show the importance of the preventing coronal leakage following the root canal treatments for success, new condensation and compaction techniques has decreased the endodontic failures.

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