Emura frying pan review, price and ratings (UK)

In the world of kitchen appliances, the Emura pan stands out as a product that is a talking point in many households. Customer reviews and tests indicate a positive reception in the market, with consumers praising the pan for its versatility and robust quality. The cool handle, which makes cooking safer, as well as its ergonomic shape and function as a practical tool holder are often emphasised.

However, when shopping online for kitchen utensils, it is not uncommon to come across mixed reviews. This is also the case with the Emura pan, where some customers praise the quality and customer service, while others criticise problems with the purchasing process such as delivery and returns. Despite these reports, the Emura pan stands out from many other pans on the market due to its non-stick coating and food safety.

Important information about the product

  • Customers appreciate the versatility and ergonomics of the Emura pan
  • The original Emura frying pan receives many positive reviews from customers.
  • The non-stick coating and food safety are emphasised quality features.
  • The product is now available at a high discount directly from the manufacturer.

emura pan

Emura pan review

Emura pans are known in the kitchen world for their sophisticated design and high-quality material composition. They are typically made of aluminium alloy, which ensures excellent heat conduction and even heat distribution. This makes them a favourite tool for many cooking enthusiasts.

The special feature of the Emura frying pan is its ceramic coating. This non-stick coating not only guarantees a long shelf life, but also enables frying with less fat, which in turn promotes the health of the user. The use of harmful PFOA and cadmium is avoided, making the pans a safer choice for everyday cooking.

The following table provides an overview of the properties of Emura pans

Property Description
Material Aluminium alloy
Coating Ceramic non-stick coating
Safety aspect PFOA-free, cadmium-free
Design Ergonomically shaped handle, stylish look
Health Enables low-fat cooking

User experiences particularly emphasise the easy cleaning of the pans, which is due to the high quality of the non-stick coating. These pans represent a combination of practical handling and the aspect of safety with regard to health concerns.

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Emura pan reviews: Design and material properties

The Emura pan is characterised by its high-quality materials and innovative coating. Every detail of the design has been conceived to offer both ergonomics and functionality.

Handle and ergonomics

The handle is ergonomically shaped to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. It stays cool during cooking, making it easier to handle.

Pan base and heat distribution

The base of the pan is designed to be heat-resistant and guarantee even heat distribution. This contributes to more efficient cooking and prevents overheating.

Diameter and volume

The Emura pan is available in different diameters, allowing users to choose the right model depending on their space requirements. All models offer a generous volume for a wide range of cooking applications.

Coating and health aspects

The pan has a non-stick coating that is free from harmful substances such as PFOA, lead and cadmium. This enables healthy and low-fat frying.

Optics and finish

The Emura pan impresses with its attractive design and careful workmanship, which promises quality and durability in the kitchen.

Heat resistance and hob types

It is heat-resistant and can be used on all hob types, including induction, gas and electric hobs. Its versatility makes it a practical kitchen utensil.

Sustainability and durability

The high-quality material and robust coating contribute to the longevity of the Emura pan and make it a sustainable choice in the kitchen.

emura frying pan

Application areas and cooking techniques

The Emura frying pan is characterised by its wide range of uses and excellent suitability for various cooking techniques. From gentle braising to vigorous searing, it supports amateur chefs and professionals alike in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes.

Frying and searing

The even heat distribution of the Emura frying pan enables perfect frying of meat, vegetables or fish. When searing pieces of meat, they become crispy on the outside and remain juicy on the inside.

Braising and sautéing

Thanks to the robust coating, the pan is ideal for braising over a low heat, while it scores highly when sautéing ingredients with little fat without sticking.

Baking and gratinating

The Emura pan is also suitable for use in the oven, making it the ideal kitchen aid for gratinating or baking food.

Cooking and steaming

Although the primary function of the pan is frying, it can also be used for boiling or steaming food when covered with a lid.

Versatility in the kitchen

The pan adapts to different cooking techniques and therefore supports versatility in the kitchen – a real all-rounder among kitchen utensils.

Comfort and handling

The ergonomic handling ensures comfort when cooking and minimises effort. The pan is not only functional, but also easy to clean, which increases comfort in everyday use.

Cleaning and care

Proper handling when cleaning and caring for an Emura pan is crucial for its longevity and maintaining its excellent non-stick properties.

Dishwasher safe

The Emura pan has a high-quality non-stick coating, which not only makes frying easier, but also makes cleaning easier. However, it is important to check whether the pan is dishwasher-safe so as not to damage the coating.

Hand cleaning and drying

Gentle hand washing is recommended for the Emura pan. After use, it should be cleaned with warm water and a mild washing-up liquid. To avoid water residues, it is advisable to dry the pan thoroughly immediately after cleaning.

Tips for longevity

  • Use silicone or wooden utensils: Scratch-resistant materials help to preserve the coating.</li
  • Avoid steel sponges: These can damage the surface.</li
  • No heat overload: Extreme temperatures should be avoided to ensure the integrity of the coating.</li
  • Storage: Make sure the pan is stored in a dry place and is completely dry after cleaning.</li

Emura pan experience forum: Performance and quality in the test

In the kitchen, it’s not just the end result that counts, but also the cooking experience itself. The performance and quality of the kitchen utensils used play a decisive role here. The following section looks at the experience of using the Emura pan in various test scenarios and from different perspectives.

Practical test and everyday experiences

In the practical test, the Emura pan impresses with its high-quality non-stick coating, which makes it easy to use and requires little fat. Everyday experiences from users emphasise that the pan offers optimum heat distribution and therefore ensures even cooking.

Customer ratings and reviews

Customer reviews on platforms such as Amazon praise the scratch resistance and durability of the pan. The reviews are mostly positive, but some users note that the longevity depends on the care of the coating.

Test winners and awards

Although there are no specific references to awards or categorisations as test winners in the sources reviewed, the predominantly positive experiences reflect a good image of the pan. Detailed information about any seals or awards can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Robust non-stick coating
  • Good heat conduction


  • Longevity depends on care

The pros and cons should be weighed up according to individual cooking habits and care practices.

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Pricing and value for money

The pricing of the Emura frying pan is reflected in the quality and the many positive customer reviews. This indicates a strong price-performance ratio, which is particularly noticeable in the longevity and cooking results.

Costs compared to other pans

The price range of the Emura pan is well within the range of higher-quality kitchen utensils. While prices for a set of four pans are around €199.96, which corresponds to a discount compared to the regular price of €399.92, the Emura pan is characterised by a coated surface and good handling compared to competing products. However, there is not always a direct correlation between the price and quality of coated pans.

Investment and value

An investment in the Emura pan can be seen as a long-term purchase. In addition to functionality, such as easy cleaning and easy handling, buyers also expect a certain durability. A good comparison value is the offer of three pans for €159.96 instead of €319.92, which represents a saving of almost 50%. Ultimately, the value of the investment is not only reflected in the purchase price, but also in the actual service life and user satisfaction.

Purchase process and customer service

The ordering process and customer service are important aspects when purchasing an Emura pan. Customers value a smooth process from order to delivery and accessible customer service.

Ordering and delivery

Ordering the Emura frying pan is easy and can be done via the manufacturer’s online shop or various online marketplaces. After selecting the desired product variant, customers enter their address and payment information. The order process is confirmed with an e-mail containing the details and an overview of the order.

Delivery is usually speedy, although the exact delivery time depends on availability and the selected shipping service provider. Customers often mention fast delivery as a positive aspect of the purchase process in their testimonials.

Customer service and contact options

Customer service for the Emura pan can be reached via several channels for questions and concerns. Customers can usually contact support via an email address, which can be found on the provider’s website. A telephone hotline is also often available to provide rapid personal assistance.

Customer reviews often share experiences with customer service, ranging from helpful to suggestions for improvement. In the event of difficulties with the order or the product itself, competent customer service is an important factor for customer satisfaction.

Nutritional awareness and health

Health is playing an increasingly important role in the kitchen. Thanks to its special properties, the Emura pan favours a nutrition-conscious lifestyle by reducing the use of fat and oil and at the same time being made from health-conscious materials.

Less fat and oil when cooking

The non-stick coating of the Emura fry pan allows food to be cooked with significantly less fat and oil. This not only supports a healthy lifestyle, but also helps to prepare low-calorie meals. The coating also prevents food from sticking, allowing for gentle cooking.

Health-conscious choice of materials

When manufacturing the Emura non stick frying pan, emphasis is placed on health-conscious and robust materials. It is PFOA-free, which means that no perfluorinated chemicals are used, which are considered harmful to health. The durability of the pan is ensured by the use of high-quality materials, which guarantee stable and even heat distribution.

Lead and cadmium-free

The components of the Emura pan are free from lead and cadmium. These heavy metals are often associated with health problems, so their absence is particularly important for health-conscious users. Customers can therefore be sure that the preparation of their meals is free from these toxic substances.

Conclusion and rating

The Emura pan has gained a lot of attention in the kitchen utensil market due to its user experience. Customer reviews emphasise that the pan is particularly appreciated for its easy cleaning and low-fat preparation.

The test shows that the non-stick coating of the Emura pan is of high quality, which results in less need for oil or butter when cooking. The pan is also praised for its heat distribution, which is essential for cooking food evenly.

Handling and durability are other aspects that users rate positively. Thanks to the robust materials, the pan has a certain resilience, which indicates a longer service life. However, care should be taken to protect the coating so as not to shorten its service life.

The price-performance ratio of the Emura pan is rated differently. While some users find the price reasonable for the quality on offer, others consider it a little high.

  • Quality of the coating: Positive
  • Heat distribution: Even
  • Durability: Positive under careful use
  • Price-performance ratio: Controversial

To summarise, the Emura pan seems to be a good option for those who value healthy cooking and easy maintenance. By investing in this kitchen appliance, you get a pan that is recognised for its functional properties and the quality of its non-stick coating.

Frequently asked questions

Experiences with Emura pans are interesting in many ways. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that consumers often ask to help inform their decision to buy an Emura pan.

What are the frying properties of Emura non stick pans?

Emura pans are valued for their high-quality non-stick coating, which prevents food from burning and ensures even heat distribution. Users report a pleasant frying experience.

What materials are used for Emura pans

Emura pans are made from materials that are known for their durability and resistance. However, specific information on the materials can be obtained from the suppliers directly or on the product descriptions.

Are Emura pans suitable for induction hobs?

There are models of Emura pans that are explicitly designed for use on induction hobs. Customers should ensure that their chosen model is suitable for induction hobs before purchasing.

How is the durability of Emura pans rated?

In customer reviews, Emura pans are often described as durable. However, the exact durability can vary and depends on the use and care of the pan.

Can Emura pans be cleaned in the dishwasher?

While some users report that they clean their Emura pans in the dishwasher, it is usually recommended to wash non-stick pans by hand to preserve the coating.

What experiences have users had with Emura’s customer service?

Reports on Emura’s customer service vary. Some customers are satisfied with the fast delivery and response time, while others cite price differences between different suppliers as a point of criticism.

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