Muama Ryoko Pro WiFi router – Reviews and the cheapest price

The Muama Ryoko is a portable Wi-Fi router that is ideal for travelling. With this compact device, users can enjoy a stable internet connection anywhere, anytime. Whether on a business trip or on holiday, the Muama Ryoko offers fast and reliable network speeds.

muama ryoko wlan pro

This article examines the key features and benefits of the Muama Ryoko, including design aspects, internet speed and ease of use. The pricing and customer reviews of the device are also of particular interest and are covered in detail here.


In addition to the high connectivity and range offered by the device, the Muama Ryoko is characterised by its simple setup and operation. Security and privacy are paramount with this product, making it a favourite choice for many users compared to other alternatives on the market.

Important information

  • The Muama Ryoko offers reliable and fast internet connections
  • It is easy to set up and operate, which makes it user-friendly.
  • Many users appreciate the security and data protection of the device.
  • The device is now available at a 70% discount in the official online shop.

Muama Ryoko WiFi test report and experiences

The Muama Ryoko WiFi router is characterised by its compact design and light weight. These features make it particularly attractive for people who are often on the move and need a reliable Internet connection.

Compact dimensions

The Muama Ryoko is small in size, which makes it extremely portable and easy to stow away. With a length of around 12 cm, a width of 6 cm and a depth of just 1 cm, it fits comfortably in any bag or piece of luggage. These compact dimensions ensure that the router does not take up much space, which is a particular advantage when travelling.

The small size does not affect the performance of the device. Despite its compact size, the Muama Ryoko provides a stable internet connection for multiple devices simultaneously. The compact design contributes to user-friendliness and enables easy handling, even if the user only has limited space available.

Weight and form factor

The weight of the Muama Ryoko is only about 90 grams, making it one of the lightest portable Wi-Fi routers on the market. This light weight makes it much easier to carry the device around without it becoming a burden. The router can easily be carried in a bag all day without it being a nuisance.

In addition to the weight reduction, the form factor of the Muama Ryoko ensures increased user-friendliness. The slightly curved design and rounded edges make the device comfortable to hold. The choice of materials and the workmanship reinforce the robust impression, which predestines the device for regular mobile use.


ryoko wlan pro

Internet connection and speed (Muama Ryoko WiFi Pro test)

The new Muama Ryoko WiFi router offers a powerful combination of 4G LTE support and high Internet speeds, making it an ideal choice for mobile users. Travellers in particular who need a reliable connection will benefit from the functions of this device.

4G LTE support

The Muama Ryoko Pro router utilises 4G LTE technology to ensure stable and fast connections. This technology allows the device to provide wide coverage and high data rates over mobile networks.

It supports many types of SIM cards, allowing flexible usage options around the world. This makes it easy to use regional data plans to minimise connection costs.

Compatibility with most networks ensures that users have a good connection even in areas with limited internet infrastructure. This feature is particularly beneficial for frequent travellers, whether they are in a rural area or a crowded city.

Internet speed

The router achieves download speeds of up to 150 Mbps. This speed allows users to access the Internet quickly and surf without any delay.

The stable and fast connection is particularly noticeable when streaming videos or downloading large files. This means that users can maintain simultaneous connections on multiple devices without compromising performance.

With the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, the router is ideal for small groups or families. The 12 hours of battery life also ensures long-lasting use, which is particularly useful when there is no power source nearby.

Battery performance

The battery performance of the Muama Ryoko WiFi router is a decisive factor for many users. Both the battery life and the quality of the battery technology play an important role here.

Battery life

The battery life of the Muama Ryoko is up to 15 hours, which makes it particularly attractive for mobile users.

This enables all-day use without constant recharging. The router supports various mobile applications and remains stable even during intensive use.

Long battery life is crucial for travelling and outdoor use as it eliminates the need for permanent access to a power source.

Benefits of the long battery life:

  • Flexibility: Use throughout the day
  • Mobility: Ideal for travelling
  • Reliability: Stable and durable connection

Battery at the heart

The battery of the Muama Ryoko is the centerpiece of the mobile WiFi router and has a significant influence on its functionality.

It is not only powerful, but also efficient in the charging process. The router has an integrated battery that can be recharged quickly so that the router is ready for use again within a short time.

Features of the battery:

  • Fast charging capability: The fast charging time ensures short interruptions.
  • Durability: The battery has a long service life, which extends the useful life of the router.
  • Quality: High-quality materials ensure reliable performance.

The battery played a central role in the development of this router to provide users with a reliable and constant connection.


Ease of use and setup

The Muama Ryoko WiFi router is characterised by its ease of use and simple setup. With a user-friendly interface and an uncomplicated quick start via QR code, it is accessible to both technically experienced and non-experts alike.

Simple user interface

The Muama Ryoko has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

No special technical knowledge is required to set up and operate the device. A clear layout of the buttons and displays enables the router to be used quickly and efficiently. A key advantage is the inclusion of a WPS button, which simplifies the connection to other devices.

The compact and clear user interface allows users to quickly access important functions and make the necessary settings. This saves time and minimises potential frustrations during installation and use.

Quick start via QR code

The Muama Ryoko router supports quick and easy setup via QR code.

Users simply need to scan the QR code on the device label to start the initialisation process. This approach significantly reduces the complexity of the set-up process. Multilingual instructions provide additional support for users and ensure universal accessibility.

This QR-based set-up process makes it easy to get the router up and running within minutes, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. For mobile users in particular, this function is a great advantage as it enables them to get online quickly and securely.

muama ryoko pro

Connectivity and range

The Muama Ryoko WiFi router offers impressive connectivity and range and fulfils the needs of modern users. Here we discuss both the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously and the Wi-Fi coverage.

Connecting multiple devices

The Muama Ryoko can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, making it ideal for families and small teams. With a highest speed of 150 Mbps, it ensures fast surfing, streaming and working.

Thanks to the compatible network types (LTE, 3G, 2G), the connection remains stable, regardless of network coverage. 500 MB international data allowance is included, from which users can benefit in the first few days.

Wi-Fi coverage area

The Wi-Fi coverage area of the Muama Ryoko is specially designed to ensure a stable connection even in remote areas. With a range of up to 15 metres, it covers the typical needs of mobile users.

Its battery life of up to 12-15 hours allows extended use without interruptions. This makes this router perfect for travelling, camping or use in rural areas.

LTE support also ensures that connectivity is maintained even with weaker network coverage. The combination of all these factors makes the Muama Ryoko a reliable companion for mobile internet.

Pricing and costs

The Muama Ryoko Wi-Fi router offers flexible pricing and allows users to surf the web conveniently and affordably while on the move. The following sections highlight the purchase options and additional costs.

Purchase options

The Muama Ryoko router is offered at a price of €89, which is a reduced price compared to the original price of €178. This is a special offer that may be limited in time.

In some cases, selected shops offer additional discounts when multiple devices are purchased at the same time. This allows customers to save even more and also receive free shipping.

Example offers:

  • 1 device: €89,- (formerly €178,-)
  • Quantity discounts: Available depending on retailer

Note: It is advisable to check current offers regularly as discounts and promotions may change.

Additional costs

In addition to the purchase price, there may be additional costs to consider when using the Muama Ryoko router. Users should pay attention to any data plan costs, which can vary depending on the provider and usage.

Many providers offer flexible data plans that are customised to different user needs. However, it is important to make sure that there are no hidden fees.

Overall, the Muama Ryoko router impresses with its transparent pricing and good value for money. Customer service is usually also available if there are any problems or questions about billing.

Security and data protection

The Muama Ryoko Wi-Fi router attaches great importance to security and data protection to ensure secure use and the protection of personal data.

Secure Wi-Fi

The Muama Ryoko supports secure Wi-Fi connections through advanced encryption technologies.

It is crucial that users set a strong password for their Wi-Fi connection to prevent unauthorised access.

By supporting VPN connections, the router allows users to encrypt their online activity and disguise their identity. This is particularly important when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, as these are often insecure.

Regular firmware updates also ensure that known security vulnerabilities are closed and that the router is always protected against new threats.

Protection of personal data

The protection of private data is a central concern when using the Muama Ryoko.

With integrated support for VPNs, users can ensure that their data is encrypted during transmission.

This helps to prevent data leaks and maintain privacy.

The router only stores minimal required data and does not track personal user activity. Using secure and unique passwords for the router and Wi-Fi connection is of utmost importance.

This ensures that personal information is protected from any misuse.


Customer ratings, testimonials and reviews

Muama Ryoko has received a large number of reviews highlighting both positive and negative aspects. This feedback provides important insights into the customer experience.

Positive feedback

Many customers praise the compact size and ease of use of the Muama Ryoko. The mobility of the device is particularly appreciated, making it ideal for travelling.

Users often report a stable internet connection, even in remote areas. The energy consumption also appears to be efficient according to several reviews.

Some customers also mention the good customer service, which helps quickly and competently with problems. These positive aspects contribute to a relatively high level of customer satisfaction.

Criticisms and negative feedback

Despite the many positive feedbacks, there are also criticisms. Some customers criticise the speed of the internet connection, which does not always meet expectations.

Another point that is often mentioned is the price of the device compared to the performance provided. Some users found the Muama Ryoko more expensive than comparable products on the market.

Some customers have also had negative experiences with customer service, particularly in terms of response time and resolution for technical issues. This can lead to frustration and a more negative overall rating.

Customer service and warranty

The Muama Ryoko router offers extensive customer service and compelling warranty options aimed at ensuring user satisfaction.

Warranty terms and conditions

The Muama Ryoko router is sold with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects. Customers who have problems with their device within this period can request a replacement or repair.

In addition to the one-year warranty, there is also a 24/7 customer hotline and an email support address available to customers in case of problems. These quick support options demonstrate the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction guarantee

Muama Ryoko also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within this period, customers can return the product if they are not satisfied.

This satisfaction guarantee ensures that customers do not take any financial risk if they want to try the product. Refunds are processed after the product has been returned and reviewed by customer support.

Such measures show that Muama Ryoko is willing to build trust through a customer-friendly policy.

Global connectivity

The Muama Ryoko router offers outstanding connectivity for international travellers. With support for 38 countries, it enables a stable internet connection worldwide.

Supported countries and regions

The Muama Ryoko router can be used in 38 countries worldwide. This includes many European countries such as Germany, France and Spain. The device also works reliably in North America, especially the USA and Canada.

  • Europe: Countries such as Italy, the UK and the Netherlands offer full support.
  • North America: The USA and Canada are fully covered.
  • Other regions: Other major countries such as Australia and Japan are also compatible.

This versatility makes it particularly attractive for frequent travellers who constantly need a reliable Internet connection.

International travelling companion

The router is ideal for travellers who are often on the move in different countries. With a maximum speed of 150 Mbps, a fast and stable connection is guaranteed, whether you are travelling in the busy streets of New York City or in the countryside of Canada.

  • No contracts required: The user can use prepaid data packages, although 500 MB of data is included in the purchase price.
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours of battery life allows the user to use the router all day long.

These features make the Muama Ryoko a reliable solution for people who do not want to do without a stable Internet connection while travelling.

Comparison with alternatives

The Muama Ryoko Wi-Fi router offers a range of features that make it attractive to many users. How does it compare to its main competitors?

Competitors on the market

Netgear Nighthawk M1
The Netgear Nighthawk M1 is a popular mobile Wi-Fi router. Known for its reliability and speed, it offers excellent performance. However, its price is around 350 euros, which makes it an expensive alternative. The Nighthawk M1 has extensive features such as the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously and a long battery life. It is also very easy to install and set up.

D-Link DWR-932
For the price-conscious, the D-Link DWR-932 could be an interesting choice. With a price of around 40 euros, this router is considerably cheaper than the Nighthawk M1 and the Muama Ryoko. Despite the lower price, it offers basic functions for mobile use. However, it cannot keep up with the more expensive models in terms of performance and stability.

What makes Muama Ryoko stand out

The Muama Ryoko router stands out in particular for its user-friendliness and compactness. With a price of around 79 euros, it offers good value for money. Users appreciate its ease of use and the stable connection it provides for several devices simultaneously. It is also lightweight and can easily be used when travelling.

A special feature of the Muama Ryoko is its compatibility with various networks worldwide, which makes it ideal for frequent travellers. Compared to cheaper models such as the D-Link DWR-932, it offers better performance and greater reliability. Compared to more expensive models such as the Netgear Nighthawk M1, it scores particularly well in terms of cost without having to compromise too much on functionality.


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find essential questions about the Muama Ryoko LTE router. This information will help users to better understand and use the router effectively.

How much does a Muama Ryoko router cost per month?

The monthly cost of a Muama Ryoko router can vary, depending on the data tariffs chosen and the provider. Users should inform themselves in advance to avoid hidden charges.

In which countries can I use the Muama Ryoko without any problems?

The Muama Ryoko router works in over 130 countries worldwide. It ensures that users have a reliable Internet connection when travelling, provided a compatible SIM card is available.

Is the Muama Ryoko router available on Amazon?

Yes, the Muama Ryoko router is available on Amazon. Users can read reviews there and conveniently order the device. It is advisable to keep an eye out for offers and occasional discounts.

What steps are necessary to top up the SIM card of the Muama Ryoko?

To top up the SIM card of the Muama Ryoko, you should follow the instructions of the relevant mobile phone provider. This usually involves registering on the provider’s website and entering the SIM card number.

How can I return my Muama Ryoko router if necessary?

If a return is necessary, the user should contact customer service and check the return conditions. It is important to keep the original packaging and all accessories to facilitate the process.

How to use the Muama Ryoko app and what functions it offers

The Muama Ryoko app allows users to configure and monitor the router. Functions include data consumption display, managing connected devices and changing network settings.

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